how to use jamaican black castor oil for hair growth

How to Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth – Should You Buy It?

Jamaican black castor oil, also abbreviated as JBCO, is a well-known weapon in the curly hair community. If your hair is dull, dry, or brittle, JBCO is for you. It’s a perfect fit for any hair type and even helps with hair growth.

JBCO is made from, as the name suggests, castor beans and has a light to dark brown color. This oil has a wide variety of benefits and is widely used worldwide.

Keen to know how to use Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth? Read on!

Black castor oil – what is it and how it works

how long does it take for jamaican black castor oil to work

Derived from Jamaican castor beans, this oil increases blood flow to the scalp, prevents dandruff, fights eczema, and strengthens hair. JBCO has a strong smoky, nutty smell, and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This product might not be for you if you are sensitive to strong scents.

This oil is also used for skin as it offers deep hydration by locking in moisture. Some people even say that it helps to treat acne and tighten pores.

However, JCBO is very thick, so it might be too heavy if you have thin hair. Always do a patch test before applying it onto your scalp and use it once or twice a week at first.

Jamaican black castor oil benefits

JBCO has a plethora of benefits for your hair and your body. It promotes hair growth, seals the moisture in, has anti-inflammatory properties (therefore works wonders on acne-prone skin), and even helps to relieve muscle pain.

Here is a list of Jamaican black castor oil benefits for hair and skin:

Stimulates hair follicles

Strengthens hair

Can treat split ends

Adds shine to your hair

Treats eczema

Prevents dandruff and itchy scalp

Helps to heal scars

Might reduce cellulite & stretch marks

Softens nail cuticles

Thickens eyebrows and eyelashes

Is Jamaican black castor oil good for hair?

jamaican black castor oil benefits

After seeing all the benefits of Jamaican black castor oil, it is no surprise that this oil is excellent for your hair, and if you haven’t used it yet, you should try this miracle!

JBCO is suitable for all hair types and will increase hair growth in just a few weeks. This oil also provides moisture, strengthens, and thickens hair.

This oil is natural, therefore it will not harm your hair in any way. Use it as often as you want, but it might be too heavy for thin hair due to its thick consistency. 

How to use Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth

There are several ways to use JBCO. Use it as a hot oil treatment once a week, use it daily for your hair ends, or apply a drop or two as a leave-in after washing your hair.

Here are three possible ways of using Jamaican black castor oil:

#1 JBCO for hair growth

Warm up a generous amount of JBCO between your palms and start massaging your scalp in a circular motion. Do it for at least 10 minutes. Your scalp has to be fully coated in a thin layer of oil. Wrap your hair in a cotton T-Shirt or add a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes up to 2 hours. You can also leave it overnight.

#2 JBCO for hair ends

After washing your hair, apply two or more drops to your hair ends to seal the moisture and protect them from breakage. If your hair is super dry, you can use Jamaican black castor oil every day to preserve and moisture your hair ends.

#3 JBCO for an irritated scalp

This method is for you if you have dandruff or an itchy and irritated scalp. Before washing your hair, mix Jamaican black castor oil with such oils and tea tree or rosemary. They have inflammatory and antibacterial properties and help to soothe irritated scalp. Massage it well into your scalp and leave for at least 2 hours. Wash out afterward.

Can I leave Jamaican black castor oil in my hair?

You can leave Jamaican black castor oil in your hair as long as you are doing clarifying wash once in a while. Excessive use of heavy oils might lead to the buildup, and this can cause hair breakage, lack of volume, and even hair loss.

However, leaving heavy oils in for too long can dry your hair, so I recommend washing JCOB from your hair two to three hours after applying. Many hair stylists also say that it is enough to use Jamaican black castor oil once a week. 

Best Jamaican black castor oil products

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Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth: before and after

It’s hard to believe that simple oil can make a big difference, right? Well, there is a 30-day challenge where you have to use a few drops of JBCO every day for 30 days and massage it well into your scalp. 

Take a look at the results!

jamaican black castor oil for hair growth before after results

Jamaican black castor oil FAQs

How long does it take for Jamaican black castor oil to work?

You will see results within two to three weeks. Your hair will be shiny and soft. 

Is Jamaican black castor oil good for curly hair?

Yes, it is a perfect fit for textured hair. JBCO promotes hair growth while keeping your curls soft and well moisturized.

Can I leave Jamaican black castor oil in my hair overnight?

Yes, you can leave it overnight. Just wrap your hair in a towel or old cotton T-shirt to protect your pillow! Wash it out in the morning.

Why is Jamaican black castor oil special?

It has different properties and is more effective than regular castor oil. JBCO has antibacterial and antifungal properties; therefore, it can effectively help with inflammations and has little to no side effects when used externally.


Is Jamaican black castor oil worth a shot? Totally! It is a natural, sulfate-free product that is versatile and has many benefits. The price of this product is excellent, so you have nothing to lose. 

However, do not overuse it and start with the patch test first. It might not be your cup of tea if you don’t like a strong, nutty smell.

Get the hair you deserve!

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