How to Sleep on Curly Hair? 4 Effective Tips (For Real!)

Going to sleep with amazing Hollywood-like curly hair and waking up looking like a Hagrid. You know what I’m talking about, huh? How to sleep on curly hair and still have those shiny locks in the morning? Is this even possible?

For quite some time, I was jealous of those girls with super straight hair and wondered what life would be if I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair getting flat, frizzy, and overall messy every day.

Luckily, now I know a few tricks, so (almost) every day is a good hair day for me. You deserve everything that’s best, so I will share my secrets with you!

4 Tips on How to Keep Curls Overnight

#1 Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase

Silk is excellent not only for your hair but also for your skin. Believe it or not, silk pillowcases might even prevent wrinkles! Now let’s get back to our main subject: curls.

Regular cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from our hair, so no surprise that we are waking up with straw-like, frizzy hair. Forget tangles or bedhead! It’s time to treat yourself and buy a silk pillowcase.

However, I know that it might be pricey, so try high-quality satin if you don’t want to buy silk. It has almost the same benefits as silk but is at least three times cheaper. You can buy a silk or satin bonnet if you prefer.

#2 Try pineapple. No, not the fruit.

try pineapple hair technique

The pineapple hair technique should help you preserve those beautiful curls of yours overnight. It’s easy: you have to create a loose ponytail at the top of your head; use satin or silk scrunchie for best results. You can also do the same thing with a silk or satin scarf, but I prefer scrunchies Voila! Now you have a pineapple made from hair.

The pineapple technique helps prevent frizz, knots, tangling, and everything that we, curlies, hate. Don’t forget that your hair has to be loose! We prevent our curls from getting messy, not trying to do a facelift procedure at home.

#3 Braids are always a good idea

A single loose braid helps to reduce the friction between your hair and the pillowcase, and it does not break your natural curl pattern. You can also try mini or French braids to get more volume and definition. Don’t be scared to experiment with your hair to find what suits you best!

#4 Hydrate your hair before going to sleep

Our hair needs extra hydration, that’s for sure, but sometimes we don’t have time to spend hours in the bathroom taking care of our curls. Moisturize your hair while sleeping, queen! Use nourishing and moisturizing oils such as jojoba or argan: just a few drops before sleep could help maintain that frizz. If you are not a fan of oils, try spraying your hair (concentrate on your hair ends) with a leave-in conditioner: it should work well for waives. 

How to sleep with wet curly hair?

how to sleep with wet curly hair

If your mornings are busy and you are always in a rush, you can wash your hair in the evening. The question is how to sleep with wet curly hair without ruining it.

Excess water in your hair might weigh down your hair, so bye-bye, voluminous ringlets. Your hair can even get weaker over time if you are going to sleep immediately after washing your hair. Be sure to take extra steps to avoid any breakage and damage.

The best way to preserve your wet curls is to use loose protective hairstyles: put your hair into a pineapple or braid it, and don’t forget to use a leave-in conditioner before doing so! As mentioned before, make a satin or silk pillowcase your best friend because hair is very fragile when wet. 

Sweet Dreams (are made for curly girls and boys)

So, how to sleep on curly hair? There is no better way to start your day than seeing that your curls are still beautiful. Yes, maintaining curly hair indeed requires more attention than straight hair, but once you have your routine (and satin/silk pillowcase, of course), it’s easy! Sleep tight, knowing that your hair would be as beautiful in the morning as it was in the evening.

Sweet dreams,

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