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How To Get My Curly Hair Back? 4 Greatest Hacks

You blow-dried your hair almost every day. Then straightened them from time to time. Haven’t really thought about what you are using on a wash day. You searched “How to get my curly hair back?” and even tried to follow the given tips. Nothing worked for you. You now think that everything is lost and you will never have beautiful curly hair.

That’s where you are wrong!

Everything is possible, that’s for sure. I hated my curly hair for more than 22 years of my life and have done everything to make my hair straight. Nothing worked, and I was always afraid of rain, pool, and other fun stuff. Straight hair was my goal and obsession at the same time.

Once I asked my boyfriend a simple question: Do you think my hair is curly or straight? Without even blinking, he answered that my hair was straight.

That’s when I understood that it was time to change something.

Can you change your curl pattern?

If you were born curly, you would stay curly. It’s because of the genes. However, when the hair is damaged, you can see textural changes, and when it happens, there is no way back: you have to restore your natural curl pattern. 

When textural changes appear, it is a huge red flag. That means your hair is extremely damaged. 

You might see that it breaks easily, tends to be more frizzy than usual or your usual hair care routine isn’t working anymore. 

“When the hair is damaged, you can see textural changes”


Damaged curly hair

Hairdressers say that it is waaaaay easier to prevent your hair from losing its pattern than get it back.

If you have lots of split hair, you notice texture changes, your hair is now super frizzy, dry & brittle, and your routine isn’t working anymore, which means that your hair is damaged. Luckily, there are a few ways to save your precious curls.

After years and years of damaging your hair, you have to stop making the same mistakes. Give your hair some time to rest from the heat: blow-drying is allowed but stop frying your hair with the maximum heat and speed. Use a cold blow dryer. Yes, it takes more time but prevents hair damage as the cuticle seals in moisture.

And say toodaloo to your hair straightener, okay? Embrace your natural hair texture for a while. 

“Hairdresssers say that it is way easier to prevent yout hair from losing its pattern than get it back”


Now it’s time to pick good products. What do I have in mind when I say “good”? Avoid SLS, SLES, and harsh alcohol in shampoo as it dries out your hair. 

Silicones might work for straight hair, but it builds up on your hair. Silicone seals your hair, and this “protective”  layer blocks moisturizing and nourishing ingredients from your hair mask, hair conditioner, or any other hair product from getting to your hair follicle. It means that you can use the most expensive hair masks, treat your hair religiously, and still see no results. That’s why it is crucial to avoid any product build-up.

If you are dying your hair, you might need to use products with proteins. I know, in the beginning, it sounds weird. Protein? For my hair? Why? Trust me, it will get easier over time. So, protein. Check the labels and look for these words: protein, keratin, silk, amino acids, collagen. It will help you to choose the right products at first.

If your hair is all-natural, but you are not happy about that halo frizz and breakage, add some moisturizing products to your routine. Aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, various oils, and butter – that’s just a few ingredients to look for when buying hair masks and conditioners.

4 tips on how to get natural curls back

The transition might get hard at some point, but with these 4 tips on how to get your natural curls back, it would be easier, I promise!

#1 Remove hair product buildup

To begin your journey,  you have to get rid of that hair product buildup first! Look for a shampoo WITH sulfates (SLS or SLES) but WITHOUT silicones. 

I have to tell you one secret: when I have a product buildup (yes, it happens occasionally), I just take dish soap and wash my scalp with it. Pros: I don’t need to buy an additional hair product for that. Cons: might not be suitable for everyone. 

After using shampoo with sulfates it’s a must to deep condition your hair at least for 30 minutes as sulfates dry out hair.

#2 Use hair products with protein

Your hair is a pure protein (it’s called keratin) so if you want to get that natural texture back, use lots of proteins in your hair routine!  Protein strengthens and repairs your hair, helping them to grow longer and stronger.

The most effective way to add proteins to your hair care routine is to buy a good deep conditioner. I swear by As I Am “Hydration Elation” – it’s a protein bomb suitable for damaged hair.

If your hair is healthy, I’m not sure that you will be happy with the results of this deep conditioner: it might weigh down your hair.

#3 Say hello to oils

Oil is a miracle in liquid form. Try coconut oil (but be aware that some people say coconut oil dries out their hair) overnight therapy. Try argan or jojoba oil instead of another expensive hair serum: it seals in the moisture and leaves your hair shiny.

There are many oils in the market, and some of them would not be suitable for your hair type. Anyway, many curly girls and boys swear that oil changed their hair. I can say the same thing. 

Look for organic, cold-pressed oils.

#4 Toodaloo for the heat

It’s hard to break up with something that you love so deeply. Dry, brittle, breaking hair without a clear texture is the result of overusing hair styling tools. It is time to say goodbye to heat as it most damages hair. 

Hair burns at 450 degrees, so if you still are going to use heat, be aware of that, and don’t forget to use a heat protectant.

How to get my curly hair back? The bottom line

It takes some time to see the first results, and the transition might be challenging. The good thing is that when you start treating your hair the right way, you have consistent results. 

It means that from that moment, every day is a good hair day. No stress to go to the pool or sauna. No panic when it’s raining. Just a pure joy of life.

You deserve the hair you love.

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