how to deep condition curly hair

How to Deep Condition Curly Hair? Quick Answer

Curls are dry and that’s the fact. I’ve already explained that in my previous article. But you know what? I’m talking about deep conditioning and why it’s important all the time but never explained how to do that, well, correctly.

If you are still not sure if you need a big jar of deep conditioner on your bathroom shelf I will try to convince you to at least give it a try. Why? Because it keeps your hair healthy and hydrated, therefore preventing breakage and damage.
And that’s just a few benefits of deep conditioning your hair regularly!

How to choose a deep conditioner?

First, you have to choose the right product: no silicones, no parabens, and no waxes. Only good stuff.

Then you have to target your main hair-related problem: are your hair too dry? Too frizzy? Maybe very damaged?

It’s important because different problems require different solutions. For example, if you are dyeing or straightening your hair regularly, you have to incorporate proteins into your routine, as your hair is made from protein, too. Protein helps to prevent breakage and heat damage.

If your hair is very dry you need more moisture. Aloe vera, glycerin, various oils, and kinds of butter should bring back life to your strands.

Yes, you can use your regular conditioner or a hair mask as a deep conditioner


Do not overuse proteins if your hair is all-natural and undyed because you might get a lot of frizz and even breakage.

If you still are not sure, check this article about the best deep conditioners. I tried them all so you don’t have to buy it.

Best way to deep condition curly hair

#1 Choose the right product

Choose the right deep conditioner. This is crucial, as the results of how your hair would look after the treat yo self session depends on that.

#2 Shampoo your hair

You have to start with shampooing your hair first. I mean, just your casual routine, nothing crazy.

#3 Apply deep conditioner evenly

When your hair is clean, start applying deep conditioner. Sometimes I feel like my hair absorbs the product very quickly and it would happen to you as well. Just add some more product!

#4 Leave it for at least 30 minutes

Let your hair soak in luxury for at least 30 minutes. When I have more time, I tend to deep condition my hair for an hour but never during the night. Actually, I don’t recommend leaving any product overnight as it can clog your pores and cause moisture/protein imbalance. This is not what we want, right?

#5 Rinse your hair with lukewarm water

I always rinse my hair with cold water but I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Hot water is damaging as it dehydrates the scalp (hello, dandruff!) so opt for lukewarm water.
Rinse your hair thoroughly, don’t leave any product in.

#6 Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair

If you want to get maximum results stop using your regular towel which damages your hair. Switch to a microfiber one: it’s cheap and it does not damage your hair.

#7 Do it at least once a week

I’m deep conditioning my hair at least once a week and I noticed improvement after a month.

Can I use my regular conditioner instead of a deep conditioner?

Well, deep conditioners have that cream-like, very thick texture, and most conditioners are more watery-like. Deep conditioners penetrate your hair cuticle and the effect lasts longer.

Generally speaking – yes, you can use your regular conditioner or a hair mask for a deep conditioning session. You can even give your conditioner a boost and add natural honey or olive oil.

The effect of this ritual might be different but it’s better than nothing!

How to deep condition curly hair: the bottom line

Now that you know how to deep condition your hair don’t forget to do it regularly. It only takes 30 minutes per week (and in the meantime, you can work, you can cook, or even sing karaoke) but gives amazing results.

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