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How to Brush Curly Hair? Forget Frizz and Pain!

Hello hello, curly girls and guys! 

Have you ever (almost) cried when brushing your hair? Yeah, me too. And I guess you also remember sitting with your mom or dad who would try to detangle your hair and it seemed like a mission impossible both to them and for you. 

Is it even possible to detangle your hair without pain and panic attacks? How to brush curly hair?

Well, first let me say that one of the main mistakes I made for ages was brushing my hair dry and doing it every day.

Fancy oils, shampoos, and best hair masks would do nothing and will leave you with poofy hair if you won’t stop brushing your curls daily (and dry).

Follow my tips to avoid getting frizzy hair and let your curls shine!

How to brush curly and wavy hair: an ultimate guide

To brush curly hair you will need:

  • Wide-tooth comb, brush for detangling, or your fingers
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner or a hair mask
  • Your favorite leave-in
  • Lots of patience


Trisha Chapman, hairstylist and writer, recommends applying a drop of two of a lightweight oil before washing and brushing your hair. Oil will prepare your curls and will help to avoid breakage.

#1 Exfoliate your scalp with a brush

oil your hair before brushing your hair

Scalp exfoliation with a brush is a big thing now and I can see why: it helps to unclog hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation so your hair grows quicker.

Before washing your hair, grab a brush and start to gently massage your scalp with it. 5 minutes is enough but you have to do it regularly to see the positive results.

If you don’t have a brush, massage your scalp with your fingers. It also has the same great benefits and helps to stimulate the hair follicles.

Can feel/see knots or tangles? Use your fingers to gently remove them before going to the shower.

#2 Shampoo your curls

Use a CGM-approved shampoo as it would be gentler for your hair. Only shampoo your scalp, there is no need to shampoo all of your hair. When you are rinsing your hair, shampoo water slides off and removes the dirt effectively without drying your curls out.

#3 Apply a conditioner or a hair mask

After shampooing your hair, take your favorite conditioner or a hair mask and apply it evenly. Be generous!

If your hair is long and thick, you might want to divide your hair into 3 or 4 sections before applying a conditioner/mask.

If your hair is moisturized enough, you will not have a problem with tangles and knots on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to deep condition your hair at least once a week and use only gentle hair products without any harsh ingredients. Here is an article about how to deep condition your mane.

#4 Start brushing your hair

When your hair is wet and fully covered in conditioner, start to detangle hair with your fingers. Then, grab a brush or a wide-toothed comb and start brushing starting from the end to the top. Be gentle!

#5 Rinse out the conditioner & apply leave-in

After brushing your hair out, rinse out the conditioner, and when your hair is still wet apply your favorite leave-in or curls cream. I’m using leave-in AND a curl cream so it’s totally up to you!

If your hair is wavy, applying both of these products would probably weigh your hair down so use lightweight products if you want to avoid flat hair.

You can apply hair mousse or gel if you want your curls to hold better

How to detangle curly hair?

scalp exfoliation is a big tiktok trend and has a lot of benefits

To avoid tangles and knots you have to keep your curls moisturized. Look for such ingredients as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and provitamin B5. 

However, if this happens be patient and gently remove the biggest knots with your fingers. If you feel like this is not enough, take a wide-tooth comb or a brush and start brushing the knotted section from ends to top. 

You can also add a drop of lightweight oil (such as jojoba) before brushing.

If you can, go to the shower and follow the earlier mentioned instructions. 

How to comb curly hair: the bottom line

Stop brushing your dry hair, bestie. This is the main rule. It will not only help you to get rid of the poofy, frizzy hair but also greatly reduce frizz and improve texture. 

Do it each time washing your hair because your hair is a pattern and it deserves gentle care. 

You might notice more hair in the shower drain as you will only brush your hair on the wash days. Don’t worry, it’s normal! It’s okay to lose 50-150 hair strands per day and since you stop brushing your hair every day you will definitely notice more hair while combing curls in the shower.

Get the hair you deserve!

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