why is my curly hair going straight

People with straight hair envy curls and people with curly hair want to have straight hair.  This is a well-known situation: we want something we don’t have. But sometimes all those wishes come true and you can really see hair textural changes. It might be shocking. Why is your curly hair going straight?!

Can hair texture change?

moisture protein balance is very important can hair texture change

Yes, it really can change a little! The fun fact is that even scientists are not 100% sure why this thing happens but it definitely has to do something with hormones and genetics.

Have you ever heard a story about a woman who had curly hair before pregnancy and her hair became straight after she had her baby? I’ve heard it at least twice. It happens because having a baby is a huge challenge for women’s hormonal balance. However, scientists say that it is not often.

But if it happens out of nowhere it can also be explained: your hair follicles might be changing! As we now know, our hair is curly because the follicles of curly, wavy, or coily hair have a different shape. Our hair has oval follicles while straight hair has circular follicles.

Can straight hair turn curly?

Sadly, no. A geneticist Dr. Barry Starr explained how hair genetics work: if your mom and dad have curly hair you are going to be curly and the same goes if both of your parents have straight hair. But if one of your parents is curly and the other is straight-haired you will be something in between. 

can straight hair turn curly

The same thing goes if you notice changes in your hair pattern: if you have curly hair, there are no chances that after this transformation you are going to have poker-straight hair and vice versa.

Anyhow, Dr. Barry Starr says that there is no answer at the time why some people go through a hair transformation. He also adds that there might not be a clear answer. 

Our body is so interesting! We can go to space, land on the Moon, and buy digital art but no one can answer why some people’s hair changes its shape and texture.

My hair is naturally curly but won’t curl anymore. What to do?

Okay, if this is the problem there is a chance that your hair is damaged and you have to repair it ASAP.

If you are constantly straightening or curling your hair with styling tools you have to use heat protection and deep condition your hair at least once a week.

my hair is naturally curly but won’t curl anymore

There are so many tutorials of heatless curls and I know that people on TikTok are now showing how to curl your hair with a bathrobe belt overnight. Let your hair rest from that heat. At least for a while.

If your hair is dyed or bleached you have to incorporate proteins into your routine. LOTS of it.

You can try Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector but you have to get a treatment at the salon first. My blonde friend swears by it and I should say that her thin, bleached hair looks way better now.

Don’t forget that healthy hair begins with a healthy lifestyle: stay hydrated, get more sleep and eat good food.

But if your hair was perfectly fine and then something happened overnight the reason could be a lack of moisture. Try co-washing and adding more hydrating ingredients into your routine: look for glycerin and aloe vera.

Then, try a styling brush. It works wonders! A few years ago my hair was dull and damaged and the Denman D3 brush made me believe that I can have pretty curls too!

Why is my curly hair going straight? 4 Possible Reasons

#1 Your hair is very damaged

Heat, harsh products, and hair coloring might be a cause of your loosened curls. Try adding more protein and cut your hair if needed. Even Queen B says so!

#2 Your body is going through hormonal changes

If you are a new mom your body has to get its hormonal balance back. The same thing goes if you are going through puberty. Be patient! Life is good with curly hair and life is good with straight hair as well! Just keep it healthy.

#3 Too much moisture 

Moisture is key but so are proteins! Don’t forget that balance is important and use a deep conditioner or a mask with proteins.

#4 Build up 

Try using a clarifying shampoo and see if something changes. Build-up weighs your hair down so be sure to clarify your hair at least once a month.

Why Is My Curly Hair Going Straight? The Bottom Line

There might be multiple reasons why your beautiful curls are going straight: hormonal changes, heat damage, lack of moisture, too much moisture… This list goes on. 

Using the right hair care products can help to bring your curl pattern back but consult with your doctor if you see something unusual.

Get the hair you deserve!

P.S. Actually Ashly talks about her hair going straight. Worth watching:

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