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How to Get Curly Hair: Men Edition (2022)

There are rumors that guys are only using one product that can be exploited in many ways: as a shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, and a car wash if needed. Actually, I don’t believe that’s true, but you have to stop if it is. Your hair deserves more!

If you are a guy, I guess you already noticed that there is loads of information for girls with curls but none for curly guys. I mean, have you ever heard about CGM? It’s even deciphering as the curly GIRL method

Well, not anymore. Today is all about you, and today we are going to call this method the curly GUY method.

How can men make hair curly?

Well, it’s simple. If you are curly, you will be curly, and if you have straight hair, shampoos or conditioners won’t make you curly.

How to take care of curly hair? The same rules apply to you as they do to curly women. First, use gentle shampoos or try a co-washing, then don’t forget to moisturize your hair, and lastly, fix your hair with a mousse or gel. 

Oh, and you also don’t need a hairbrush anymore as brushing your hair makes it super frizzy and leaves you looking like a poodle. Try a shower comb instead: this handy little thing helps detangle your hair while you are in the shower.

“You don’t need to wash your hair every day. I believe that it’s a matter of habit”

how to get curly hair men

You don’t need to wash your hair every day. I believe that it’s a matter of habit. When you are washing your hair every day, you are drying your scalp out. Results? Dandruff and brittle hair. If you think that you can’t live without shampooing, switch to conditioning wash (aka co-wash).

If you were born curly, these few simple changes in your routine would help you to get more defined but less frizzy curls.

Curly hair products for men

I’m positive that you don’t want to have tons of various products on your bathroom shelves. Good news: you don’t need much for your hair to look good.

Everything depends on your hair length: if your hair is short, you basically just need moisturizing shampoo and something to style your hair. However, if you are a guy with long curly hair (damn!), you would need more than a shampoo to keep your hair looking fab. Buy conditioner, hair mask, and add a deep conditioning sesh to your calendar!

curly hair care for men

“You don’t need much for your hair to look good”


Curly hair care routine for men

I’ve handpicked the products that have no smell at all or at least don’t smell like a flower field or cotton candy. As mentioned before, everything depends on your hair length.

Step 1: Gentle shampoo (or co-wash)

Don’t overuse shampoo but if you are very active switch your regular shampoo to co-wash.

Best shampoo for curly men:
1. Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo (No Fragrance) – perfect if you don’t like products with a strong smell

2. Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream (No Fragrance) – love it love it love it. Try this one if you would like to start co-washing your hair. This cleansing cream has no smell, too!

Step 2: Hair Conditioner

Hey, boy, you need one. Conditioner closes hair cuticle after shampooing and helps to prevent breakage. It moisturizes your hair as well. 

  1. Phillip Adam Fragrance Free Conditioner with Apple Cider Vinegar – great product, good price, natural ingredients and the apple cider vinegar. Expect shiny and soft hair after using it!
  2. Little Twig Conditioner (No Fragrance) – perfect for sensible skin and suitable for kids! One product for whole family? What can be better.
  3. Jessicurl Aloeba Conditioner (No Fragrance) – Jessicurl has a higher price point but it could be your holy grail. Perfect products for curls. 

Step 3: Deep Conditioner (once a week, optional)

how to take care of curly hair men

You can skip this step if you have short curly hair. I still recommend deep condition at least once a week but it’s totally up to you. However, if your hair is long, you HAVE to give it royal treatment (just like Beyonce does). 

How to deep condition hair? Shampoo your hair and apply deep conditioner evenly. Leave it for at least 30 minutes. 

One of the main questions is “Do I need to buy it or can I use my regular conditioner?” Good news: you can use your regular conditioner instead so you don’t have to buy six different products. 

Anyway, if you would like to buy something, this is my recommendation:

  1. Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment (No Fragrance) – very thick, cream-like texture and amazing results after one use. One of my favorite products from Jessicurl.
  2. Curlsmith Double Cream Deep Quencher – it has a light smell but it’s not too intense. Might not be suitable for fine hair but would be perfect for coils.

Step 4: Something to style your hair

Hair gel, mousse, or souffle – there are lots of options but you have to find what’s suits you best. Styling products help to prevent frizz and that unwanted poofy look.

  1. Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Hair Styling Gel – if you prefer frizz-free and shiny curls without any crunchiness this gel might be the one for you. Big bottle, great quality. Very light fruity smell.
  2. Jessicurl Spiralicious Styling Gel (No Fragrance) – great for low porosity hair. Helps to prevent frizz, doesn’t weight the hair down and a little goes a long way. No smell at all!
  3. Curlsmith Protein Styling Cream – perfect for damaged hair, has a medium hold and the curls are not crunchy after using it. 

Step 5: Embrace your natural curls, boy!

You are handsome and you are unique. Be curly, be you!

How to Get Curly Hair for Men: The Bottom Line

The same rules apply to you as it applies to the girls with curly hair: be gentle to your hair, deep condition from time to time and try not to wash your curls every day. Say goodbye to the hairbrush and find a good hairstylist. That’s it!

Get the hair you deserve,

P.S. This guy is awesome, watch his video!

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