how much hair is normal to lose in the shower

How Much Hair Is Normal to Lose in the Shower?

I guess almost all of us at least once experienced that horrifying moment when we were in the shower and it seemed like half of our hair had fallen off. In the moments like this you start asking yourself the weirdest questions: am I going to be bald? Maybe I have some kind of disease? Well, let’s talk facts. How much hair is normal to lose in the shower?

Don’t go crazy and don’t believe everything that one Google search said. For example, I have mid-length curls and I’m not brushing my hair on a daily basis. Normal shedding is a part of my life: I’m talking about random hair on my jacket or on my floor. I wash my hair twice a week and every time I pull out hair strands. So why don’t I panic, you might ask?

How much hair do you lose in a day?

Trisha Chapman, who is a hairstylist, said that it is normal for people to lose between 50-100 hair strands of hair per day if you have thin hair and 150-200 hair strands if you have thick and long hair.

If you wash your hair every day this amount can increase, so don’t be surprised!

Our hair tends to shed more when we are in the shower as we are stimulating the scalp. More shedding can be noticed when we are brushing our hair after showering or between washes as well.

Why does my hair fall out in the shower?

why does my hair fall out in the shower

Scalp massaging and stimulating during washes makes the hair that was already loose fall out. 

Additionally, if you are a curly girl or guy you should know that brushing hair when it’s dry is not the best idea if you want to keep your strands healthy. You should only brush your hair when it’s wet so it’s normal to notice a hair loss in the shower because you are brushing your wet hair then.

If you are the lucky one and have thick hair, this might also be a reason why it seems like you are losing lots of hair in the shower. You lose more hair because you literally have more hair. 

Is it normal to lose hair in the shower?

is it normal to lose weight in the shower

Yes, it is normal and you should not worry about it if you are losing around 100 hair strands. However, if the shower drain is clogged after washing your hair, this might be alarming.

Our hair has three hair growth phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Anagen is an active hair growth phase and 85% to 90% of your hair is in this phase at the moment

Catagen is the degenerative phase of hair growth. Around 10% of your hair is in this phase when you are reading this sentence.

The telogen phase means that your hair is resting and would probably fall out soon. 5% to 10% of your hair is in this phase right now.

Time for a fun fact! Did you know that on average a person has about 100,000 hairs? 

Is it normal to lose hair everyday?

Yes, it is normal and should not concern you if you are not experiencing excessive hair loss. 

If you are starting to lose your hair in patches, notice massive hair clumps after washing your hair, or lots of hair strands come out when you run your fingers through your hair, you should see your doctor as it can be an underlying health condition.

Hair loss can be caused by a poor diet, stress, or aging.

How to stop hair from falling out? 5 smart tips

#1 Keep your hair moisturized

Moisture has a direct impact on hair growth and length. Be sure to moisturize your hair often.

#2 Start following curly hair method (CGM)

Wean yourself from harsh alcohols, sulfates, silicones, and parabens and you will quickly see the improvement! 

#3 Follow the right diet

Your diet directly impacts your health, your skin, and your hair. Eat fatty fish, lean protein, lots of fruits, and vegetables. A well-balanced diet not only will improve your overall health but your hair condition as well.

#4 Be gentle

Only brush your hair when it’s wet and avoid heat. Your hair deserves the best! There is a list of CGM-friendly heat protectants.

#5 Avoid tight hairstyles

Tight ponytails and buns can be harmful to your hair. Put your hair loosely to avoid hair falling out.

Get the hair you deserve!

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