how do i know if i have curly hair

How Do I Know If I Have Curly Hair? 4 Steps to Find Out

Hello, my curlies, coilies and waivies!

From time to time, I see discussions about hair types with the one main question, “How do I know if I have curly hair?”

Well, I will try to answer as short as possible.

There are 4 signs that you might have curly hair:

#1 You have totally random wave or curl

You think that your hair is straight, but you notice a random curl from time to time? There is the main sign that you might have curly hair. 

Instead of your usual routine, try a few things to see if you actually have wavy or curly hair. Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt for drying your hair. After that, slap some hair mousse or gel and see if you see more waves or curls than usual.

#2 Your hair is frizzy, especially when it’s humid

frizzy hair when humid

This is my hair wet… A little bit… but not wet at all… So imma show you guys when it’s wet wet. THIS IS MY HAIR WETWET.” I laughed my head off when I first saw this TikTok.

However, if you turn to Hagrid when it’s raining, you probably have curly hair, my friend.

Why does this happen?

Well, your hair is probably dehydrated, so it tries to reach our moisture from the atmosphere. 

If you have ever said NO to swimming in the pool, sea, or lake because your hair gets out of control and if no frizz-fighting product seems to work for you, you do have curly hair.

#3 Your hair tends to be dry

Your hair has volume but probably is very dry? Then you are a curly girl or boy, too!

Curly hair is drier than straight hair because natural oils from our scalp cannot travel freely to the ends of our hair because of our hair structure. That’s why our hair can be dry as damn sometimes.

If you want to see your hair potential, try deep conditioning them at least once a week. I prepared a list of THE BEST deep conditioners. It saved my hair.

#4 You are using a flat iron or need chemical treatments for your hair to be straight

Hair straightening tools your everyday buddies? I think that you already know that you have wavy or curly hair. 

I don’t want to sound needy but I want you to stop straightening your hair, as it has major side effects. Give it some time, moisture, and love. You will see a difference in no time.

What hair type do I have?

If you never noticed a random curl or wave, your hair is type 1 (or straight).

If you see waves here and there after your hair dries, you have type 2 hair (otherwise known as wavy).

If you see defined curls or waves even when your hair is wet, you have type 3 hair (or curly).

Tight curls? Then you are type 4 (or coily).

Wavy vs curly hair

Sometimes it’s even hard to tell as there are so many hair patterns.

Usually, curly hair is coarser than wavy hair and forms in ringlets/spirals. The curl is tighter, thicker, and has a different texture.

Wavy hair is a looser version of curly hair and lies in soft “S” shapes.

You might even have a combination of both hair types! Also, it is not unusual to have straight wavy hair: for example, only one strand might be wavy why your remaining hair is straight.

What is coarse hair?

Coarse hair has a very thick hair shaft. It’s a common thing for every hair type, from straight to coily hair. Coarse hair is usually dry as it has wider strand width. It also requires more conditioning and hydration.

If your hair ends are dry, splitting easily, and you can feel the texture when touching strands of hair, you probably have coarse hair.

What is textured hair?

Basically, it means that hair has a pattern to it. It might be wavy, curly, or coily. It is also called a ‘curl pattern”‘

Where to start if I have curly hair?

To see the full potential of your curls, you need a good routine: start with removing all the product buildup (it’s called final wash), then use a deep conditioner or a hair mask (leave it on your hair for 30 minutes or more and rinse it out).

After taking these steps, squeeze out the excess water, use a good leave-in conditioner, and a little bit of hair mousse or gel.

Things to avoid when buying hair care products

  • Sulfates
  • Silicones
  • Harsh alcohols
  • Parabens
  • Waxes
  • Microplastics

I already wrote about that so if you want to see the whole list, check this article.

Things to look for when buying hair care products

  • Proteins (e.g. soy)
  • Keratin
  • Oil
  • Butter 
  • Aloe Vera
  • Glycerin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Amino acid
  • Collagen
how to pick right hair care products

How do I know if I have curly hair? The bottom line

If your hair is always kind of messy and frizzy, try a new routine, and don’t forget to use a mousse or gel after washing your hair. This way you could see if you are a curly girl or a curly boy. Easy as that.

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