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9 Best Shampoos for Curly Hair: 10 CG-Approved Options [2022]

Any curly-haired person will tell you that waves, curls, and coils take a whole different set of hair care products to get the best possible result. Curly hair types are dryer as it is harder for natural oils to go down the hair strand. That is the reason why curly gals & gents have to use milder shampoos that are gentle for one’s hair. What is the best shampoo for curly hair, then?

There are many great options in the market nowadays. Look for shampoos without any harsh alcohols that tend to dry your hair strands even more. Say big NO NO for silicones as they coat your hair with a thin firm therefore, your hair can’t absorb moisture. Avoid parabens, waxes, and sulfates. Luckily, the shampoos we will recommend in this article are free from all these harmful ingredients mentioned before.

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9 Best Shampoos for Curly Hair in 2022 (CG-approved)

If you are looking for the best shampoo for your waves, curls, or coils, you’ve come to the right place! Our expert, Trisha Champan, says that good shampoo for curls has to be gentle and shouldn’t strip your natural oils. Hot tip: look for oils and herbal extracts!

#1 Curlsmith Core Strength Shampoo – best curls shampoo overall

#2 Bounce Curl Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo – best shampoo for low and mid-porosity hair

#3 Ethique Professor Curl Solid Shampoo – best shampoo for the environment

#4 ACURE Wave & Curl Color Wellness Shampoo – best for chemically treated and colored hair

#5 PURA D’OR Curl Therapy Shampoo – best shampoo for fine hair

#6 Curlsmith Shine Shampoo – best fragrance-free shampoo

#7 Flora & Curl Rose Water & Honey Cream Shampoo – best shampoo for wavy hair

#8 Curls Blueberry Bliss Hair Wash – best shampoo for coils

#9 Jessicurl Gentle Wash Shampoo – best protein-free shampoo

All these shampoos are suitable for CGM as well, so if you are on this journey, worry not – we’ve got you covered.

Curlsmith Core Strength Shampoo
  • A protein-rich, gentle shampoo formulated for regular washes
  • Contains hemp seed oil for moisturized & strong hair
  • Gentle, color-safe, and sulfate-free formula removes the buildup
  • Helps to maintain a healthy moisture-protein balance
  • Doesn't have a strong smell, but if you are sensitive to fragrances, it is best to look for other options
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Bounce Curl Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo
  • Removes build-up without stripping out natural oils
  • Gives volume & thickens your curls
  • Doesn't weigh down hair
  • Perfect for low and mid porosity hair
  • Has a light citrus scent
  • Vegan & curelty-free
Ethique Professor Curl Solid Shampoo
  • Safe for the environment as it contains no plastics, phthalates, parabens, or dyes.
  • Ingredients used in this shampoo bar are fair-trade & ethically sourced
  • Hydrates curls & balances the pH of the scalp
  • Safe for color-treated hair and damaged curls
  • Hair becomes softer, voluminous, and easy to manage
  • Shampoo boxes are fully recyclable & compostable
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
ACURE Wave & Curl Color Wellness Shampoo
  • Created for chemically treated and colored hair
  • Brings back much-needed moisture to one's curls
  • A unique blend of ingredients ensures gentle clarifying while adding shine & volume to your hair
  • Free from paraben, sulfates, mineral oils, and formaldehyde
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
PURA D'OR Curl Therapy Shampoo
  • Boosts hydration to keep your mane moisturized and shiny
  • Great for frizzy, dry, and color-treated hair
  • Defines curls and makes them voluminous
  • Might be too heavy for thin hair
  • The brand offers a refund if you are unsatisfied with the product
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Curlsmith Shine Shampoo (Fragrance Free)
  • If you have fragrance sensitivity, this product is for you as it has no smell
  • Great ingredients that are beneficial to your hair and scalp
  • Foamy, so you can only use a dime size of the product
  • Adds volume and shine to your hair
  • Higher price point
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Flora & Curl Rose Water & Honey Cream Shampoo
  • This cream shampoo is easily absorbed and very hydrating
  • Moisturize, detangle and reduce breakage of one's curls
  • Removes dirt & build-up without striping natural oils
  • Adds shine, softens, and conditions your curls
  • Has an amazing rose smell
  • Does not make foam therefore, you have to use more product
  • Cruelty-free
Curs Blueberry Bliss Hair Wash
  • Cream-like sulfate-free hair cleanser softens, detangles, and hydrates your hair
  • Excellent choice for coils
  • Repairs, protects, and restores even the driest curls
  • Rich and creamy sulfate-free cleanser.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Jessicurl Gentle Wash Shampoo
  • Creamy and gentle shampoo won't leave your curls dry
  • A great option for those with fine hair as it is a lightweight product
  • Protein free
  • Scented & unscented options available
  • Vegan & cruelty-free


There are so many shampoos in the market that it is quite easy to get lost in the hair care aisle at the supermarket. However, I hope that this list will make your decision easier. If you are keen to learn more about what to look for and avoid in your curl care products, read this article where we are talking about it.

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