best hair dryer for curly hair

Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair: 8 Options to Make Your Curls Pop

If you think you can’t use a hair dryer if you have curly hair, think again! Using this tool is a great option for those who don’t have the patience to wait two days until the hair is dry. Also, it can definitely make your curls pop! SubjectCurls presents an extended list of the best hair dryer for curly hair!

Blow dryers were demonized for many years. Many people believed using heat styling tools would make curly hair frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. Luckily, nowadays, there are now many great options in the market, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair.

There are ionic, titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline hair dryers. Each of them has a little bit different properties and benefits. Let’s review them in this in-depth guide.

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Best hair dryer for curly hair: which one is worth your money?

#1 Best dryer for curly hair overall: ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer

#2 Best ionic hair dryer: SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer

#3 Best tourmaline hair dryer: HOT TOOLS Pro Artist Tourmaline Hair Dryer

#4 Best ceramic hair dryer: REVLON Infrared Hair Dryer

#5 Best titanium hair dryer: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

#6 Best fancy hair dryer: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

#7 Best dryer for thick curly hair: Shark HyperAIR Hair Dryer

#8 Best affordable hair dryer: Bed Head Curls in Check Hair Dryer

8 best hair dryers for wavy, curly, and coily hair

#1 ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer – best hair dryer overall

ghd air professional hair dryer review curls

If you were looking for a really good hair dryer, your search might be over now. ghd stands for good hair day, and they ain’t lying.

This hair dryer is amazing: it offers speedy yet quiet drying, has 3 temperatures, 2-speed settings, and a cold shot button. ghd Air uses ionic technology, which might tame the frizz and give so much wanted shine.

I have to agree that this hair dryer has its cons. The price point is high, and the weight of ghd Air is 3.39lbs, so we can confidently say that this tool turns hair drying into a workout. However, the quality of this styling tool is impeccable. I’m saying that because I’ve been using ghd for more than 4 years now, and I still have no plans to switch to something else. It is just P E R F E C T.

PowerfulHigher price point
Ionic technology boosts shineIt is heavy (but it is a standard
for professional hair dryers)
Body of a hair dryer stays cool while using
Superb quality

#2 SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer – best ionic hair dryer

shrate ionic hair dryer curls review

With more than 5 thousand reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this affordable yet powerful hair dryer deserves your attention.

Ionic hair dryers neutralize static charges, therefore you get a frizz-free look. Ionic technology is especially beneficial for dry and thick hair as it helps to lock in moisture while giving a smooth finish. If you have fine hair, it is best to avoid using hair dryers with ionic technology as it can make your hair flat and dull.

SHRATE hair dryer works quietly, has 3 heating and 2-speed buttons, and negative ion technology to protect your hair from drying out. It is lightweight (0.97lbs) and has a long cord for your comfort.

The manufacturer of this hair dryer guarantees that you will blow dry your medium-length hair in only 5 minutes. Magic, huh?

Quick drying timeAttachments might be hard to lock in
Uses negative ion technology Hair can be easily sucked
in the back fan

#3 HOT TOOLS Pro Artist Tourmaline Hair Dryer – best tourmaline hair dryer

hot tools pro artist tourmaline hair dryer review curls

HOT TOOLS is a well-known brand in the beauty industry as it offers affordable hair tools. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful hair dryer, this one will not disappoint you. It is quiet and lightweight. What’s more, HOT TOOLS powerful airflow will make your hair dry in a record time.

It is a tourmaline hair dryer, which means that it produces positive and negative ions at the same time. This process helps to prevent heat damage and makes it look better. If your hair is hard to style, a tourmaline hair dryer is for you!

3 heat & 3-speed optionsExpensive for the quality
it offers
Removable lint filterAttachments can fly off easily
Suitable for all hair types

#4 REVLON Infrared Hair Dryer – best ceramic hair dryer

Infrared hair dryers are known for their special feature – they create a protective layer around your hair that helps to minimize possible heat damage while also preventing your scalp and hair from being overheated. This REVLON hair dryer helps to maintain natural moisture balance and is more than affordable.

People in their reviews say that this REVLON hair dryer cut the drying time in half, and there is a reason why. 1875 Watts ensures super quick drying. It also has standard 2-heat and 2-speed settings. A cold shot button is also a big plus.

Tourmaline technology helps to tame the frizz and also helps to boost shine. That’s all we want for our curls, right?

Comes with a diffuserAttachments might fall off
when drying your hair
Light for its size
Great for long hair
Great price

#5 BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer – best titanium hair dryer

babyliss pro nano titanium hair dryer review curls

This hair dryer has more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon, most of which are positive. BaBylissPRO ensures salon quality at a great price. 2000-watt power, removable rear filter, and ionic technology will make you fall in love with your curls.

It is light (1.92 lbs), has a long cord, 3 speeds, and 3 heat buttons. Multiple settings let you achieve the perfect results with each use. Ionic technology makes your curls smoother, less frizzy, and dries your hair quicker.

Titanium ionic technology reduces the frizzIt is not the cheapest option
Has a 4-year warrantyYou have to buy a diffuser separately
9ft power cord
Ergonomic design

#6 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – best fancy hair dryer

dyson supersonic hair dryer for curly hair review

It comes as no surprise that this hair dryer is one of the best heat tools that this world has ever seen. I have no words to describe this one. Oh, maybe just one word. AMAZING. 💙

If money is no problem for you, buy this one. It is worth every single penny, and your hair will never look the same. It measures the air temperature accurately to keep the temperature under control and prevent possible heat damage. Magnetic attachments are super easy and convenient to use – no more flying off diffusers and nozzles. This hair dryer is super ergonomic, lightweight, quiet, and overall balanced. It makes the hair-drying process so much easier and so much better.

This tool has 4 heat settings, 3-speed settings and stays cool to the touch even if you are drying your hair for more than 5 minutes. Plus, your hair will never be stuck in the back of the hair dryer ever again!

DesignExtremely pricey
No extreme heat
Super fast drying
Nurtures your curls

#7 Shark HyperAIR Hair Dryer – best dryer for thick curly hair

shark hair dryer for curly hair review

If you are someone that hates drying his/her hair, a Shark hair dryer is for you, my friend. Thanks to its unique technology, this dryer makes hair-washing days much easier.

Try the airwaves attachment and enjoy frizz-free, shiny hair without any struggle. The diffuser with a deep bowl is also already included, so it is great if you have curls as it helps to distribute the heat. It also has adjustable heat and airflow settings and a cool shot button. What is more, it works just as well on any hair type. If you are looking for a really good hair dryer, this one is definitely worth your attention.

Unique technologyYou have to clean it regularly
No heat damagePrice
Ultra-fast drying time
Frizz-free look

#8 Bed Head Curl In Check Hair Dryer – best affordable hair dryer

bed head curls in check hair dryer review

Looking for something as equally good as affordable? Try this Bed Head hair dryer. With more than 11 thousand reviews on Amazon, this hair dryer does its job perfectly. Frizz-free, shiny, and bouncy curls are guaranteed.

It has 3 heat and 2-speed settings with a cool shot button to tame the frizz and lock the style in. Tourmaline ionic technology defines the curl pattern while maximizing the shine. A removable diffuser head is a big advantage as you can easily clean it after every use.

1875 Watt hair dryer ensures shorter hair drying time and healthier hair. It is everything you might need for the price tag.

AffordableStrands of hair can easily be caught in the
back of the dryer
Great for any curl type, including thick curly hair
Gives frizz-free and shiny curls
Diffuser is removable


You definitely can have perfect curls and still use a hair dryer from time to time. The most important thing is to keep the heat as low as possible. And if it is not possible, use a heat protectant at all times.

All in all, it’s worth investing in a good hair dryer. I mean, we are talking about your hair!

Get the hair you deserve!