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5 Best Collagen for Hair Growth in 2022, According to Hairstylist

People who are struggling with hair loss or thinning hair are willing to try almost anything to save their hair. And here is where collagen comes to the scene.

If you are following trends you probably already know that collagen is a big thing now. Based on the studies, it may help with hair growth, hair thinning, and scalp issues. That’s great, right?

However, there are so many brands in the market and it might be hard to choose the right collagen supplement. Pills, powder, or liquid? What is the best collagen for hair growth?

Hairstylist and writer Trisha Chapman is ready to answer all your questions!

What is collagen?

To simplify, collagen is one of the most important proteins naturally occurring in our body. It contributes to better skin elasticity, better hair and skin condition, and firm nails. 

When we are getting older, collagen stores in our body deplete. Therefore we can take a collagen supplement to keep our skin, hair, and nails healthy-looking and youthful. 

One placebo-controlled, blind study even showed that collagen supplements can improve skin hydration, roughness, and density. 

When there is not enough collagen in our body we are starting to develop wrinkles, our hair becomes thinner, and we can even start to feel joint pain.

Benefits of collagen 

When we are taking supplements of course we want to know what to expect. There are 4 main benefits of collagen:

#1 Strengthens hair and nails

Being one of the most important proteins in our body, collagen is responsible for healthy hair and nails. Taking this supplement might promote significant hair growth.

In one study, published in 2012, researchers found that collagen can improve hair growth in women with hair thinning. 100 women aged 21 to 75 had to take collagen supplements twice a day for 180 days. Collagen increased hair volume and thickness.

#2 Improves skin health

As we said before, collagen is a very important component of your skin. When you are aging, your body loses collagen and your skin becomes drier and wrinkles appear.

Taking collagen might help to slow the aging process and restore the elasticity of the skin.

#3 Relieves joint pain

Collagen is widely used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Taking collagen supplements might significantly help to relieve joint stiffness and pain. 

If you want to try this supplement for your joint health, take 10 grams of collagen a day.

#4 Promotes heart health

Collagen is known for providing structure to the blood vessels and arteries. Without collagen, your arteries become less elastic and flexible. 

This can lead to stroke and heart attack. 

Taking collagen supplements may help to reduce the risk of serious health conditions.

What type of collagen is best for hair

Marine collagen, or type I collagen, is the best if you want to improve hair & nail growth. It’s also the most common type of collagen.

The most common types of collagen are types I, II, and III. What are the differences between them?

Type I collagen

This is the most abundant collagen form in our body. It’s mainly found in the skin, bones, and tendons. This is the strongest form of collagen. Beneficial for skin, nails, and hair.

Take this collagen if you want your hair to be longer and thicker. It’s also beneficial for your eyes, blood vessels, and bones.

Found in beef, bone broth, and eggs.

Type II collagen

This form of collagen is found in hyaline and articular cartilages. Provides strength to the tissues and supports joint health.

You can get this type of collagen with food: eat bone broth and chicken.

Take type II collagen supplements if you are experiencing joint pains.

Type III collagen

Type III collagen is found in your organs, blood vessels, and muscles. Supports cardiovascular health and is beneficial for skin and bones.

Eat more beef, fish, and bone broth if you want to feel the benefits of type III collagen.

Type III collagen is perfect if you want to improve your cardiovascular health. 

How much collagen should I take per day for hair growth?

The study showed that you can see an improvement in hair & nail growth if you take 2.5-15 grams of collagen each day for at least 3 months.

Collagen is totally safe to use but it can also have side effects if you take too much. You can feel bloated and full. It can also lead to constipation. If you are experiencing these mild drawbacks, stop using collagen for a few days.

How long should I take collagen?

It’s a slow process so be ready to take collagen for at least 2-3 months to experience the benefits of this supplement.

You will first see the positive impact on your hair, nails, and skin. It usually takes more time to relieve the joint pain and if you are taking a collagen supplement for bone health it can take up to 1 year to feel the positive impact.

5 best collagen for hair growth

When picking a collagen supplement check the type of it. As mentioned above, the best collagen for hair growth and health is type I collagen. 

Additionally, look for such ingredients as biotin, zinc, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients also help to improve hair health.

Are collagen pills for hair loss better than collagen powder or liquid collagen? Definitely no, they all work the same but for some pills are easier to use.

Hairstylist Trisha Chapman reveals which collagen supplements are the best for maximum hair growth.

#1 Best collagen for hair growth overall

This one is a legend. Great quality, clean label, and a load of positive reviews. Your hair, skin, and nails are going to love this, I promise.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

- Contains type I and II collagen
- Unflavored therefore you can easily mix this powder with hot and cold drinks
- Hyaluronic acid & vitamin C promotes skin hydration
- No added sugars or sweeteners
- Paleo-friendly & keto-friendly
- Gluten-free & dairy-free

#2 Best vegan collagen for hair growth

Vegans need a collagen boost too! This supplement is a great mix of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and natural extracts who are proven to eliminate free radicals and support body’s natural collagen production.

Vitauthority Vegan Collagen Powder

- Ingredients in this collagen powder have been shown to support natural collagen production
- Helps to eliminate free radicals
- Hydrates skin & gives it a healthy glow
- Great taste & easy-to-use formula
- Nut-free, gluten-free, and soy-free

#3 Best collagen pills for hair growth

Not a fan of powdered collagen? Then collagen pills are here for you. This supplement has more than 15 000 positive reviews on Amazon so you can’t go wrong.

Sanar Naturals Collagen Pills

- Contains type I & III hydrolyzed collagen from bovine
- Better looking & longer hair in just 3 months
- Easy to swallow
- Gluten-free, dairy-free & non-GMO 
- Keto-friendly
- FDA approved

#4 Best liquid collagen for hair growth

If you are looking for a liquid option, you have to try Applied Nutrition liquid collagen. It is extremely easy to use and customers say that it has good taste. Just mix it with a glass of water and drink the mixture.

Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen

- Contains type I & III hydrolaized collagen from bovine
- Biotin, thiamin, and niacin are responsible for firmer, younger-looking skin
- Can improve hair thickness
- Easy to use - just mix it with water
- Keto & paleo-friendly
- Gluten-free & soy-free

#5 Best fancy collagen for hair growth

If you are willing to treat yourself or going through menopause, Nutrafol is a great option. Perfect choice for a gift to your mom or grandma as well.

Nutrafol Women’s Balance Menopause Supplement

- Type I & III hydrolyzed marine collagen from North Atlantic cod
- Won the Best Anti-Aging Hair Supplement Award from Harper’s Bazaar in 2021
- Proven to improve hair growth in 3-6 months
- Sustainable results & great quality
- Very high price point


Can collagen help with hair loss?

Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence that collagen supplements can help with hair loss but they may help to prevent hair thinning and promote hair growth.

Does collagen help thicken hair?

There was a study that supports the statement that collagen helps to thicken hair. If you use collagen constantly you might notice that your hair appears thicker, shinier, and more voluminous.

Can collagen supplements improve scalp health?

Yes, it definitely can. A healthy scalp means healthy hair and taking collagen supplements improves the elasticity and moisture of the scalp.

What are collagen-rich foods?

If you want to boost your collagen production eat more eggs, fish, beef, chicken, leafy greens, legumes, and nuts. You also have to significantly lower your alcohol intake and avoid smoking. Always wear SPF 50 when going outside, as it helps to prevent the harmful effects of the sun on your skin.

Best collagen for hair growth: conclusion

Collagen improves the elasticity of the skin, helps with the joints’ pain, and may help to promote heart health. You can also take a collagen supplement for hair as it’s proven to thicken hair.

Always look for type I collagen to see the best results. You have to use it for at least 3 months for the benefits.

Get the hair you deserve!

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