best biotin supplements for hair growth

5 Best Biotin Supplements for Hair Growth in 2022

Looking for a way to strengthen your nails and grow your hair back? Then you need to try biotin, also known as vitamin B7. This vitamin is involved in various metabolic processes and plays a vital role in breaking down fats, carbs, and proteins in food.

Biotin is found in foods such as bananas, eggs, avocados, sweet potatoes, nuts, and seeds. If you have vitamin B7 deficiency, you can experience hair loss, brittle nails, and notice dull skin appearance or rashes around the eyes, nose, or mouth.

There are hundreds of different supplements on the market, but you only want what’s best for your health. Our haircare expert Trisha Chapman will help you choose the best biotin supplements for hair growth!

Is it good to take biotin everyday?

Even though that biotin deficiency is rare if you are eating a healthy and balanced diet, it is still possible. You can take biotin supplements daily but do not exceed recommended daily intake, which is 10 to 30 micrograms for adults.

However, you are probably getting enough biotin through your food. For example, one egg has 10 micrograms of biotin per serving, and 3 ounces of beef liver has 20 micrograms of biotin, which is 103% of daily vitamin B7 intake. 

Remember that healthy hair starts from a healthy scalp. Use glycolic acid once a week and do clarifying washes once or twice a month. You can still use a supplement, but treat your hair with deep conditioning masks as well.

A few groups of people are most likely to have a biotin deficiency. Those would be pregnant and breastfeeding women, those with eating disorders, and individuals with chronic alcoholism. Consult with your doctor for exact vitamin B7 dosages.

3 benefits of biotin you should know about

Biotin is essential for synthesizing fatty acids and glucose, but that’s not all the benefits this magic water-soluble vitamin B offers. Take a look at three other positive effects of vitamin B7.

#1 Boosts skin health

If you are not consuming enough biotin, your skin can become dull and itchy. Vitamin B7 is essential in maintaining healthy skin; studies even show that it helps improve psoriasis.

#2 Promotes stronger hair

Vitamin H (another name for biotin) is widely used in hair growth supplements and hair care products. If you have a biotin deficiency, you will definitely experience hair loss and breakage, which means that this vitamin is vital for healthy hair.

#3 Aids in weight loss

As said before, biotin boosts metabolism, therefore it can help to accelerate the weight loss process. However, remember that Vitamin B7 is not a magic diet pill, so you still have to eat a healthy diet, drink enough water, and exercise.

Where can I buy biotin?

As it is popular and widely used, you can buy this supplement in your local Target or Walmart, as well as on iHerb and Amazon. 

The most important thing is to pick the right supplement: look for biotin, which would not exceed your daily vitamin B7 intake. It also has to be high-quality.

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Best biotin for hair growth: 5 supplements to choose from

While supplements can help you to grow your hair back, don’t forget to go an extra mile on your wash days, too. Try Jamaican black castor oil or rosemary water rinse. People are raving about the extraordinary effects on hair growth of clove oil and clove hair rinse.

Hair growth might be a long process, especially if you had a disease or were extremely stressed for a long time. Helpfully, biotin can help with this. Here are the best vitamin B7 supplements on the market in 2022.

#1 Best biotin for hair growth overall

naturenetics offers a great quality hair growth supplement with 11 vitamins and minerals for maximum hair growth. There are more than 11 thousand reviews on Amazon and almost all of them are positive.

naturenetics HairAnew Hair Growth Vitamins

- A unique blend of 11 vitamins and minerals will make your hair grow like crazy. 
- The powerful antioxidant properties of vitamin C were combined with vitamin E, niacin, zinc, and biotin. Expect your skin to glow and your hair to grow!
- This is everything you need if you are looking for a high-quality hair growth supplement.
- naturenetics also offers a full refund if you don't notice a difference in 90 days or won't be fully satisfied.

Vegan & cruelty-free

#2 Best liquid biotin for hair growth

I love MaryRuth’s supplements. They are not only vegan, but also organic, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. What’s more, many of my clients are seeing positive results after using this vitamin B complex!

Mary Ruth's Vegan B Complex

- Infused with 5 essential B vitamins, these tart cherry flavor drops will give that much-needed boost of energy for your body.
- Biotin helps to metabolize carbs and fat while making your hair grow.
- Very easy to use, which is a big plus if you are not a fan of capsules.

Vegan & cruelty-free

#3 Best biotin for men

Why this is a great supplement for men, you might ask? Well, I read the comments carefully and it seems like this biotin has a lot of positive reviews from the men’s side. These easy-to-swallow pills have no nasty fillers, such as titanium dioxide and the ingredients list is very straightforward. You were looking for biotin, this is biotin.

Sports Research Vegan Biotin

- These pea-size biotin pills are a perfect choice for men. You get what you pay for.
- Only one pill daily to get fab results and maximize your hair growth. One bottle = three months' supply!
- Made with organic coconut oil, this vitamin B7 is a great addition to your diet.

Vegan & non-GMO

#4 Best biotin gummies for hair growth

Vitamin gummies are getting more and more popular as it is a tasty way to add some vitamins & microelements to your diet. When choosing vitamin gummies, avoid unhealthy ingredients, such as artificial flavors and coloring.

Sports Research Vegan Biotin + Vitamin C Gummies

- Biotin is important in keratin synthesis and vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants, plays a key role in collagen production.
- Organic VitaBerry blend found in this supplement gives you a powerful dose of the fruit your body needs. 
- One bottle = two-month supply.

Vegan & non-GMO

#5 Best budget-friendly biotin for hair growth

If you are not sure if you need biotin or not, try an affordable supplement at first. This Puritan’s Pride biotin is cheap and gets its job done.

Puritan's Pride Biotin

- Great price/quality balance and small, easy-to-swallow capsules.
- You only need 1 cap per day.
- No sweeteners, preservatives, milk, lactose, gluten, or test. However, it is not vegan as the capsule contains gelatin.
- Made in the USA


Sorry to say that, but there are no magic pills to grow your hair back in a month. Only taking biotin supplements would probably not be enough to get long and shiny hair. Combine taking supplements with daily scalp massages and quality hair care products for the best results.

Get the hair you deserve!

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