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Me and the Story of My Curls

For more than 20 years I was struggling with my hair: too frizzy, too dry, not shiny enough… This list was going on and on. I was trying new fancy products but nothing actually helped. But magic things do happen and from Hagrid, I went to being a curly princess.

I don’t want you to struggle as I did. I will share all my secrets with you, my curly friend!

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“I didn’t
want to go out,
but my hair
looked too good
to stay in”

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Doesn’t matter if you have a Ph.D. in curls or just starting this wonderful journey. I am sharing all my curly hair secrets with you!


This column is for you and you only. Ask me anything!

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What’s the story of your curls?

I was struggling with my hair since I was a teen. Nobody knew how to deal with my wavy hair and I was constantly brushing and straightening them. Now I’m wavy and I’m proud of it!

Sylvia G.

As a man I can say that it is hard to maintain my coily hair: lots of products on the market are targeted at women but hey, men also have curly hair!

George V.

After finding the right products and a good hairdresser I fell in love with my hair. It only took 32 years.

Julia B.